About Us


Hi i'm Maria, I qualified as a fitness instructor back in "95", a lot has changed in the industry since then. I taught Reebok Step, Slide & Bodywalk for a number of years then left the industry.

Children came along as did extra weight and with the big "40" looming I decided to put my get fit for 40 plan into action and change my whole lifestyle. I joined my local Slimming World group and found that by making a few tweeks to my diet combined with classes at a local gym the weight started to fall off. I was no longer tired walking up and down the stairs and happily walked the kids to and from school instead of jumping in the car. As my fitness level grew my goals changed and I decided I wanted to do more than just classes and took up some advice from a personal trainer.

With all these changes I rekindled my love of fitness and went on to re train as a Personal Trainer myself. I am now able to help others with the same problems that ive overcome.

Its never to late to be the person you want to be.


Hi my name is Emalene but I prefer Em, I’m 25 years old, my hobbies are my horses, I have had them my whole life. I have always been fit and healthy up until 2005 when I had a bad accident with my horse, I had shattered my growth plate and the tip of my shin and thigh, and this resulted in a metal plate and 13 screws in my right knee.

I had to learn how to walk again as I was not able to weight bare for 9 months, I had hydrotherapy which helped a lot however in November 2014 I found myself in agony with my knee, swollen, sore, unbearable!

I gained lots of weight because I wasn’t mobile enough to do anything, ended up very miserable. I managed to have surgery September 2015 to have my metal plate and screws removed as they had snapped in my shin! This was my pain. I currently still have 2 screws in my knee. I found Boogie Bounce after a friend tagged me online, I started attending classes once/twice a week since November 2015. Since then with a few changes to my diet and regular exercise, I feel Fantastic – my knee has healed amazingly & now I feel I am in a position to help others too.

All I say is ‘If I can do it, Anyone can!’


Hi, I'm Holly, There have always been two key passions in my life; fitness and children. Having become a mum at a young age, my passion for helping children lead a fulfilled life began, at first with my own children, and then with the children I worked with, over 13years ago.

Being a parent and working with children was sometimes a very stressful experience and fitness and exercise became my release after a hard week at home or work. I was able to de-stress and have a bit of me time whilst at the gym or out running. I found a much calmer and healthier person at the end of the session!

Now my children are older I know how important it is to encourage them to lead fulfilling and active lives, so I try and find as many ways as possible to make exercise fun and varied for them.

I found Boogie Bounce a great way to have fun and get fit so it's seems only right that I now offer the same opportunity to our younger bouncers!